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Learning, teaching and experimenting are all passions of mine. This site contains many projects I have had the honor of working on both for private and commercial. Lets work together.

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Working in many forms of media have allowed me to be very versatile while keeping a touch of classic art theory as my basis. Working in a fast paced quality oriented manner I am able to exceed my client expectations and remain within budget.

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Hiring a freelance artist will save you money because of low over head and competitive rates with China and India only I am located here in the USA. You set the budget and I produce within that range.

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Freelance artist for hire | David J Hickson

All the artwork on this site was made by one mans hands. That man is David Hickson. David is a freelance artist whos skillset includes | 3D modeling |texturing | Animation | Painting | Sculpting | and a general handyman. If you need it he can make it..

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I will add a PDF here of details on my work.